About Us

Who We Are

Our Story

It started with 480 slides. My girlfriend/business partner came to me with those slides, I immediately thought about the little negative/slide digital converter that I bought for $5 at a thrift store. She never heard of such a thing. 


As it unfolds

By converting those slides from when her deceased father was in the Navy years before she was born, I saw a look of wonder and gratitude on her face.  To see her face light up when she saw her father, who was so young then, was amazing.

So that brings me to you. I want to bring the joy of the memories back to life in your mind again or see your friends and loved ones frozen in time.

Short Story

The short story is, we love to make people happy. Providing a way to make those memories come alive again by digitizing antiquated 8mm film or VHS tapes in your attic to DVD or for computer use, makes us happy!